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These conditions determine the procedure for ordering, payment, delivery and reclamation of products offered on this site. Crafts Sounds Mini Websites may be used for your private use at no charge, and subject to the following terms and conditions. The seller is Obrt Sounds Mini, and the buyer is a visitor to this site who fills out an electronic order, sends it to the seller and makes payment by credit card or cash on delivery.


The customer orders the product or products via an electronic order form. A customer is considered to be any person who electronically orders at least one product, fills in the required information and sends the order. All prices are expressed in Croatian national currency, Croatian kuna (kn) with VAT. The buyer additionally has the option of displaying prices in US dollars and euros. Goods are ordered electronically, by clicking on a specific product and storing it in the cart. The goods are considered ordered at the moment when the buyer chooses and confirms the method of payment.


Ordered products or services are paid online with one of the credit cards: Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.


Ordered products are packaged in such a way that they are not damaged during normal handling. When picking up, the buyer is obliged to check the condition of the shipment and in case of damage to immediately advertise the product to the delivery person (employee of the company that performs delivery). The seller disclaims any liability for damage which may arise on delivery. If the buyer does not receive the goods, or the delivery notice, after it has been sent, within the expected time, the buyer has the right to inform the seller in order to take action to find the shipment or to send a replacement shipment. If the buyer refuses to receive the goods he has ordered from the seller, he has the right to ask the buyer for reimbursement of all costs related to delivery.The seller undertakes to send the shipment to the buyer the moment it receives the confirmation approving the online transaction. After receiving this confirmation, the seller undertakes to send the shipment within 5 (five) working days. Once the courier (the delivery company) receives the shipment from the seller, the seller is no longer responsible for the further course of delivery and any delays and problems that may arise in connection with further handling and delivery of the goods.


The seller undertakes to deliver a product that is technically correct and corresponds to the product description given on www.strangels.eu. The image illustrating the product on the website does not have to correspond to the actual appearance of the product and the customer cannot advertise this segment. In the event of a technical malfunction of the audio recordings stored on the audio transmitter, the seller assumes full responsibility. In case of technical malfunction, the customer is obliged to advertise the product within 4 (four) working days. After advertising the technical defect, the customer is obliged to return it by mail, along with the invoice technically defective sound transmission after which the seller will send a replacement product to the buyer within 3 (three) working days, free of charge. In the case of the above, the customer has no right to request a refund, but only a replacement product. The seller is not responsible for any damages and other obligations that are in the domain of the supplier (the company that performs the delivery of products).If the buyer chooses the download option and the buyer is unable to download due to technical problems caused on the seller's server, the seller undertakes to send an e-mail with a new download option for which the buyer does not bear any costs. In the event that the buyer is not able to download due to technical problems on the seller's server, the buyer is obliged to contact the seller's sales service, which will offer an adequate solution that will not include any fees and further costs by the buyer. The buyer has no right to request a refund in this situation.In case the buyer cannot download the product and the technical problems are not related to the seller, but are caused by the buyer, operator or third party, the seller does not bear any responsibility and is not obliged to allow the buyer to download or deliver goods free of charge. The customer is obliged to download the product within 5 (five) working days, after that he will no longer be able to download the product, regardless of the fact that he has made the payment. In this case, the buyer waives any complaint.


All rights of the publisher and the holder of the program on the recorded and printed work are reserved. The publisher and publisher is Obrt Sounds Mini Buyer undertakes not to unauthorisedly reproduce, perform, use for broadcasting and sell the seller's products or any part of these products.


Sounds Mini reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. All changes will apply to the use of www.strangels.eu The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered at the time of purchase.The services provided by Obrt Sounds Mini Online Store do not include the costs you incur using computer equipment and services to access our site. Sounds Mini is not responsible for telephone costs, Internet traffic or any other costs that may occur. While Obrt Sounds Mini strives to provide you with the best possible service offering, Obrt Sounds Mini cannot guarantee that the services at Obrt Sounds Mini will suit your needs. Crafts Sounds Mini also cannot guarantee that the service will be error free. If an error occurs, please report it to our Contact Center or e-mail shop@strangels.eu in order to eliminate it as soon as possible.

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